We aim to assist Pasifika families in the areas of Social Services, Education and Health.

As a member of the Aeretai Network, Vaimoana is the designated Pasifika Provider for delivering the Whanau Ora assistance programme for Pasifika families within Taranaki.

Vaimoana also upholds its cultural values and aims to foster Pasifika Languages and Culture in the community.



“Strengthening Pasifika Communities”


“To provide Pasifika people of Taranaki with opportunities to develop in all aspects of life and to promote Pasifika cultures and values”.


  • Respect and uphold the protocols of all Pasifika communities.
  • Our commitment to community service.
  • To promote awareness and appreciation of the value of the Pasifika community.
  • To encourage the cultural heritage of the Pacific Islands.
  • Recognise, respect and foster relationships with tangata whenua o Aotearoa.
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